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Sit on the ruins of the Termessos cityin Antalya, Turkey

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An impregnable ancient city among the mountains will give you a sea of emotions and a beautiful views.
How to sit on the ruins of the Termessos city in Antalya
In the ancient city, abandoned over a thousand years ago, you will see an amphitheater that could hold about 5 thousand spectators. Up to now, even the lower floors of the amphitheater, where wild animals were kept before the battle, have been preserved. By the way, an incredible view of Antalya opens from here (a huge plus for those who have not regretted their feet and overcame the difficult path uphill).

Roman amphitheaterPhoto: Roman amphitheater

You can also examine the ruins of six temples, four of them are located near the Odeon (a two-story building where the rulers sat). There are also temples dedicated to Zeus and Artemis. All these ancient buildings mostly look like ruins, but still remind of the greatness of a city with a population of more than 150 thousands people, who didn't surrender under the onslaught of conquerors.

Part of the temple
Photo: Part of the temple

How to do?

1. The ancient city is located 30 kilometers from the center of Antalya.
2. There are several ways to get Termessos:
• by car: in the north-west direction along the D350 highway to Isparta near Korkuteli turn left and drive to the entrance of Gulluk National Park;
• on "dolmushka" (local minibus);
• by taxi;
3. Two paths of different complexity lead from the parking lot to the city, but one way or another you will have to overcome the height difference of 400 meters.
4. On the way enjoy the local flora and fauna (you can see wild deer and goats here).
5. When you get the goal, start examining the ruins of the amphitheater, the antique houses and temples and admire the unforgettable panoramic view.

Where to do?

#2The Ancient City Termessos in AntalyaThe Ancient City Termessos

The impregnable city, destroyed by the forces of nature, which has been in oblivion for hundreds of years, attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world.

Location: On a plateau 30 km north-west of Antalya, at an altitude of 1,050 meters above sea level.

Tips and hints

• stock up on drinking water - there will be no cafes or shops along the way.
• wear only comfortable shoes and long pants to climb freely uphill and not be hurt by thorns.


Guest19 May 2024

More things to do in Antalya

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#10Visit the ancient thermae in AntalyaVisit the ancient thermaeoddviser

When the Romans ruled Perge, emperors and the richest citizens had a rest in this superb place - thermae.

Perge's ruins
#6Walk along the Duden Waterfalls in AntalyaWalk along the Duden Waterfalls

The noise of the boiling waterfalls, the incredible beauty of the rainbow and the refreshing splashes of water will give you a sea of emotions and impressions.

FREEDuden Waterfalls
#9Walk through the Kaleiçi district in AntalyaWalk through the Kaleiçi districtLev Сhechetkin

Visit the real Turkish market, walk through the port, taste traditional cuisine - and do it all in old district Kaleiçi.

Kaleiçi district
#3Have a lunch on the Umbrella street in AntalyaHave a lunch on the Umbrella streetoddviser

Here, under the hundreds of bangled umbrellas, you will find lots of different cafes and hide from the scorching sun.

Kaleiçi district
#8See incredible sand sculptures in AntalyaSee incredible sand sculptures

Favorite cartoon characters, animals, gods, castles - you can see all of them in the park of sand sculptures.

#5Try stuffed mussels in AntalyaTry stuffed musselsКристина Нестеренко

Stuffed mussels, a little bit spicy and flavored with a big amount of lemon juice are an integral part of Turkish cuisine.

#1Try gulbeseker - jam of rose petals in AntalyaTry gulbeseker - jam of rose petalsAlex Like

Halva, mukhallebi, pellet, elmasia, fruit juices, sherbet and of course gulbeseker - jam from rose petals - you should try all these sweets in Turkey.

#2Fry marshmallows in Chimera fires in AntalyaFry marshmallows in Chimera firesoddviser

The chimera's lights are streams of flame escaping from the ground, which you can not only see, but also use to fry your favorite sweets on them :)

#4Taste dondurma in AntalyaTaste dondurmaoddviser

Sure, everyone tried a sweet tasty ice cream, but donurdma is not just ice cream. It's a special dessert of Turkish cuisine.

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