Try Crema Catalona in Valencia

Trully Catalan dessert is very similar to creme brulee, but still has several differences - it is prepared of cream and with the addition of vanilla.


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Try Crema Catalona

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Crema Catalona is prepared in Spain for more than 400 years. Once, the nuns cooked too liquid pudding, and in order to thicken it they decided to cover it with melted sugar. The dessert is prepared from egg yolks, cream, sugar, starch, vanilla and lemon zest.

How to do?

1. Crema Catalana is excellent for dessert, and better to start eating it right after cooking, when the caramel sugar crust still crunches and melts on your tongue with a bitter-citrus flavor.
2. Order a dessert together with a cup of espresso, and compare which one is better: French cream-brule or Crema Catalana.

When to do?

Traditionally, the Catalan cream is prepared for Father's Day in Spain (March,19), but you may enjoy it every time your heart desires sweet.

How much?

One portion of Crema Catalana - from €4.


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