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Watch the city from the Miguelete Towerin Valencia, Spain

#9of 10 things to doin Valencia


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Miguelete Tower is visible from any point of Valencia. And all Valencia is perfectly overlooked from its roof.
How to watch the city from the Miguelete Tower in Valencia
Go up to the roof of Miguelete Tower, which belongs to the Cathedral of Valencia.

Previously, from its height of 50 meters, festive salutes were launched. Today, the top of the tower is visited to enjoy the best panoramic view of Valencia.

How to do?

1. You will find the tower if, starting from the western entrance (Puerta de los Apostoles), go counter-clockwise around the cathedral.
2. Climb 207 steps up the spiral staircase. In order not to feel dizzy stop to examine the cathedral bells along the way.

Where to do?

#4Miguelete TowerMiguelete Tower

The tower of the Cathedral of Valencia used to be a city lighthouse and a place for launching fireworks, as well as a bell tower.

Location: Calle de la Barchilla, 1
Open hours: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Phone: +34 963 91 81 27
Official website: http://www.catedraldevalencia.es

When to do?

Daily from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

How much?

Admission to the territory of the cathedral:
for adults - €7;
for group visits - €4 per person;
for pensioners, disable people and children under 12 years old - €5.50.


Guest24 June 2024

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#7Try All-i-Pebre in ValenciaTry All-i-PebreЛеся Кречетова

Taste a classical delicacy of Valencian cuisine from young potatoes with fresh eel in a fragrant garlic sauce.

#2Take a part in La Tomatina in ValenciaTake a part in La TomatinaAnna Tet

Celebrate the summer at the main Spanish fiesta - La Tomatina, and struggle in tomato battle. This happens only once a year!

#4Visit Las Fallas in ValenciaVisit Las FallasKevin

See Valencia the procession of huge dolls throughout the streets of the city of Valencia - the oldest one will be burned on the night of the feast of St. Joseph.

#5Taste horchata in ValenciaTaste horchataAbarrane

It's so nice to pamper yourself with a seasonal cool nut drink in his homeland, sitting in the shade of a huge tree.

#8Watch Graal in ValenciaWatch GraalAnna Tet

Watch the cult biblical cup of Jesus in the Valencian Cathedral. According to legend, it brings grace and prosperity to everyone who saw it.

7Catedral de Valencia
#1Take part in the battle of the flowers at the Gran Fira de Valencia in ValenciaTake part in the battle of the flowers at the Gran Fira de ValenciaLina

Get in the rain of carnations in Valencia and collect an arsenal of the scattered flowers.

#10Try Crema Catalona in ValenciaTry Crema CatalonaMaybe Me

Trully Catalan dessert is very similar to creme brulee, but still has several differences - it is prepared of cream and with the addition of vanilla.

#6Ride on Gulliver in the city of the arts and the sciences in ValenciaRide on Gulliver in the city of the arts and the sciencesНаталья Григорьева

In the city of the future you will find an amazing children's playground in the shape of Gulliver.

FREECity of Arts and Sciences
#3Try paella in ValenciaTry paellaAnna Tet

Traditional paella of rice and seafood is served in a frying pan and eaten with a glass of red dry wine with soda.

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