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Ride the yellow trainin Lisbon, Portugal

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Ride thru the “old town” from Campo de Ourique to Martim Moniz square on a famous yellow tram.
How to ride the yellow train in Lisbon
Yellow trams itself are unique and symbolic part of Lisbon. Since they constructed in early 30-s’, they are still appearing to be an extremely popular city transport.

Tram stops of brightly yellow wagons are spread thru all along the “old town” by the relic route. The end stops are called Basilica da Estrela and St.George Castle. By the route, you can observe Lisbon cathedral, Conceicao Velha church, steak house, St.George Castle and plenty of observation decks. Exit the tram on one of the scenic stop and enjoy the view!

The end stops are called Basilica da Estrela and st.George castle.

Rail route 28 with it's yellow trams moves across plenty of narrow streets, so you can touch surrounding old walls by your hand!

How to do?

1. Find nearest tram stop in the “old town” area.
2. Wait for a tram and get yourself a ticket from the driver.
3. Watch out for pickpockets.

When to do?

Monday – Friday from 5:40 am to 21:15 pm.
Saturday from 5:45 am to 22:30 pm. Sunday and high days from 6:45 am to 22:30 pm.

How much?

Ticket price: €2.9.

Tips and hints

Take a ride in the evening time so you can avoid long queues and rush hours.

You can buy a day travel card for €6,15 at any subway station.


Guest17 June 2024

More things to do in Lisbon

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#7Taste a cacke by the recipe of 1837 in LisbonTaste a cacke by the recipe of 1837oddviser

The legendary confectionery Pasteis de Belem bakes the best pastries in the whole world, by opinion of plenty travelers and townspeople of Lisbon.

5Confectionery Pasteis de Belem
#4Visit a concert in Fado Museum in LisbonVisit a concert in Fado MuseumAnna Grishina

To immerse the world of Portuguese culture you can listen some deep and weeping national music in Lisbon Fado Museum.

5Fado Museum
#3Have a port beverage at Estrela garden in LisbonHave a port beverage at Estrela gardenoddviser

Stroll through Estrella garden, observing the local flora and fauna with the port beverage in your hand.

10The garden nearby Basilica da Estrela
#2Ride the Elevador di Santa Justa in LisbonRide the Elevador di Santa Justamaxwell

For any traveler who finds himself in Lisbon, Elevador di Santa Justa will be a real disclosure. Get yourself a selfie on a giant neo-Gothic lift 45 meters height.

6.50Elevador di Santa Justa
#6See sunset at Jardim do Torel in LisbonSee sunset at Jardim do TorelJimena

The viewing platform of Jardim do Torel has two advantages - stunning views and minority of people informed about this place.

FREEJardim do Torel
#5Taste the Portuguese wines in Chafariz do Vinho Winery in LisbonTaste the Portuguese wines in Chafariz do Vinho Wineryoddviser

If you want to impress your soulmate with a romantic evening — the best place is Chafariz do Vinho Winery.

22Chafariz do Vinho Winery
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