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Taste a cacke by the recipe of 1837in Lisbon, Portugal

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The legendary confectionery Pasteis de Belem bakes the best pastries in the whole world, by opinion of plenty travelers and townspeople of Lisbon.
How to taste a cacke by the recipe of 1837 in Lisbon
Cafe Belem at the confectionery factory Pasteis de Belem, is very easy to find on the fast moving large queue. The inhabitants of the city and travelers crowd around the place to taste the fresh flavour pastry from the oven.

Also you can order drinks in the cafe, but finding a table is quite tasky task, so customers often take their orders to enjoy it’s taste on a bench in a park zone nearby.

Пирожное ПаштиФото: Пирожное Пашти, © Lauren Ramsey

Thousands of positive feedback from satisfied customers continue to maintain the exceptional reputation of this confectionery.

How to do?

1. Come to the place by address.
2. Take one of the two lines. The first one for those who want to take a table inside, and the second for those who prefer to take sweets with them.
3. Make an order. Do not rush.
4. Enjoy fresh pastries!

Where to do?

#6Confectionery Pasteis de Belem in LisbonConfectionery Pasteis de Belem

Lisbon pastry by Pasteis de Belem (Pasteis de Belem), for many yearstakes 15th place in the top of the most delicious delicacies of the world according to The Guardian.

Location: The Belem area
Open hours: daily from 8:00 am, till 23:00 pm
Phone: +351 21 363 74 23
Official website: http://pasteisdebelem.pt

When to do?

Daily from 8:00 am, till 23:00 pm

How much?

Standart order costs €5

Tips and hints

It is better to take turn for those who prefers "take-away" option, then go to the park nearby and have yourself a little treat.

Reviews 1

Guest18 May 2024
Guest27 August 2017Ребят, правильно Паштейш... это верно по-португальски. Само пирожное называется паштел де ната (везде) или паштел де белем (реже)... Человек будет искать Пасти, а его просто не поймут!

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Photo credit © Heather Cowper