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Elevador di Santa Justa in Lisbon

Many guests of the city like to see the beautiful panoramic views, but the best place for such activity is undoubtedly Elevador-di-Santa Jousta.


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Elevador di Santa Justa

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Designed by Raul Messner du Ponsar - Elevador di Santa Justa built over a hundred years ago. Its purpose as a link between Rua do Oro street and Largo do Carmo square.

Inhabitants of the city often use the services of an elevator for daily purposes, but designed iron giant designed in a neo-gothic style attracts travelers and visitors as well.

The lift operates with electric engines. The lift cabin with 20 person capacity delivers people to the spacious area of Largo do Carmo and another cabin for 15 persons delivers people downwards from the square to Rua do Oru street.

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Ride the Elevador di Santa Justa in Lisbon
maxwellRide the Elevador di Santa Justa#2 of 7 things to do in Lisbon

For any traveler who finds himself in Lisbon, Elevador di Santa Justa will be a real disclosure. Get yourself a selfie on a giant neo-Gothic lift 45 meters height.

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Location: Rua do Oru street

Open hours

from March to April daily from 7 am to 11 pm, from November to February daily from 7 am till 9 pm


Guest25 July 2017

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