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Take a walk on Cornigliain Genoa, Italy

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Go up the long staircase to the centre of the small town of Cinque Terre, and seek out a natural terrace with incredible views of the bay.
How to take a walk on Corniglia in Genoa
If you want to get to Corniglia, you will have to overcome the stairs Lardarina with more than 300 steps. Of course, you can take a bus that will take you directly from the train station to the center, but then you miss the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views from the Lardarina.

In the center you need to find the main street - Via Fieschi and then you will see the Terrazza di Santa Maria. From here you can admire views of the Gulf of Marina di Corniglia.

After a walk around the city Oddviser advises you to visit the local tavern - Corniglia is famous for its wine (after all, the city is surrounded by vineyards), try it with local dish and do not forget to buy a couple of bottles for your friends and relatives.

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#5Corniglia in GenoaCorniglia

The smallest town of the Cinque Terre, the town, in contrast to its counterparts, is located not on the coast, but at the top of the cape, and is known for its wine.

Location: Cinque Terre


Guest22 July 2024

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Another city of Cinque Terre, that is filled with colours, you can walk through the city, get luxurious view and relax on the clean beaches.

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5Way of Love
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Walk on the The Way of Love and you will appear in the flower garden of pleasing colors of the town houses, located on a rock.

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