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See dam water releasein Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Flood-gate opens automatically when the level of the water exceeds upper threshold of the dam - multiton mass of water falls from the height of 122 meters.
How to see dam water release in Kandy
It took only 7 years to construct one of the biggest dam in Sri lanka to irrigate lands around the Mahaweli river basin and produce electricity.

Victoria Dam form a water storage reservoir that can hold 722,000,000 m³ water. It consists of eight spillways of 100 meters total length. The height of the dam - 122 meters.

The dam is a regime object. It is forbidden to pass along it during the release of water., Kandy
Photo: The dam is a regime object. It is forbidden to pass along it during the release of water., © Zephryne Xolo

How to do?

1. Victoria Dam is located in Teldeniya village that is a 45-minute drive to south east from Kandy. You can get here by scheduled bus heading to Ampara. You'd better book tickets in advance (minimum one week before) on the transport operator's official web site.

2. Sound of siren signals water drains - the dam turns into a huge waterfall releasing more than 8000 m³ per second. "The show" lasts only a few minutes - don't miss the chance to take pics.

Where to do?

#5Victoria DamVictoria Dam

The dam was constructed in 1985 for irrigation of lands in the Mahaweli river valley and producing electricity. Also it is used to control water level in the river.

When to do?

During the rain period when the rise of water level in the basin is most likely.

How much?

Two-way bus ticket - 1200 rupees.

Tips and hints

Victoria Dam is a secured facility. It is very unlikely that you'll be able to cross it, you can just take a look.


Guest19 June 2024

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Photo credit © Zephryne Xolo