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What to do in Kandy —
8 things to do

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8 things to do in Kandy

#1Feed flying foxes in KandyFeed flying foxesAnna Tet

Indian flying foxes are gregarious. They are friendly with people, but pitiless to sweet mango fruits.

LKR 1500Royal Botanic Gardens
#2Feed a baby elephant in KandyFeed a baby elephantAnna Tet

Come to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage at lunch time - you'll get a possibility to feed a baby elephant with a feeding bottle.

LKR 2750Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
#3Take a tuk tuk ride in KandyTake a tuk tuk rideoddviser

Sri Lanka has a few tuk tuks per each tourists - to catch one here is like a piece of cake.

LKR 10
#4Visit the British Garrison Cemetery in KandyVisit the British Garrison CemeteryFelicity

Take a stroll around a 200-year cemetery where you can read soldiers' histories carved on the tombstones.

#5Give a wash to an elephant in KandyGive a wash to an elephantAnna Grishina

Elephants are given a wash two times a day in the Maha Oya river. You can join this activity and wash an elephant's back! It will be a delight for the animal.

LKR 2500Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
#6Visit the Vedda settlement in KandyVisit the Vedda settlementAnna Tet

The Vedda tribesmen have not changed their way of living for 16000 years.

LKR 3000Dambana village
#7See dam water release in KandySee dam water releaseAnna Tet

Flood-gate opens automatically when the level of the water exceeds upper threshold of the dam - multiton mass of water falls from the height of 122 meters.

FREEVictoria Dam
#8Experience time void in KandyExperience time voidoddviser

Nonagathaya is time void during the period when old year finishes and new year begins in Sri Lanka. It lasts for a few hours.

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