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Take a tuk tuk ridein Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has a few tuk tuks per each tourists - to catch one here is like a piece of cake.
How to take a tuk tuk ride in Kandy
Tuk tuk is the best vehicle to go around Sri Lanka: there are a lot of them, they are not very expensive, and you'll be taken to any part of the island.

Besides, heavy traffic is not a problem for three-wheel taxis, and the ride itself in a covered motor bicycle with two seats is a real adventure.

How to do?

1. You can easily catch a tuk tuk. The first thing you'll hear on city streets: "Taxi, sir?"
Keep away from tuk tuk drivers that are on the watch for travellers near restaurants, shops, hotels and in the parking lots in big cities - their affair of honour is to charge tourists at quadruple rate.
2. Choose a tuk tuk with "metered taxi" tablet - here you'll pay according to the counter and a polite driver will take you to your destination.

Sri Lanka, Better to choose Metered Taxi, Galle

Fare is 40 Rupees per kilometer. If a tuk tuk is without a counter - first haggle then pay.

How much?

Average price for a ride around the city is 650 Rupees, to another city is 2500 Rupees.


Guest24 June 2024

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#2Feed a baby elephant in KandyFeed a baby elephantAnna Tet

Come to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage at lunch time - you'll get a possibility to feed a baby elephant with a feeding bottle.

2750Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
#1Feed flying foxes in KandyFeed flying foxesAnna Tet

Indian flying foxes are gregarious. They are friendly with people, but pitiless to sweet mango fruits.

1500Royal Botanic Gardens
#7See dam water release in KandySee dam water releaseAnna Tet

Flood-gate opens automatically when the level of the water exceeds upper threshold of the dam - multiton mass of water falls from the height of 122 meters.

FREEVictoria Dam
#6Visit the Vedda settlement in KandyVisit the Vedda settlementAnna Tet

The Vedda tribesmen have not changed their way of living for 16000 years.

3000Dambana village
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