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Test yourself for endurance in an amusement parkin Seville, Spain

#9of 14 things to doin Seville


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Will you dare to try on the most extreme entertainments in the park? If so, then let's go!
How to test yourself for endurance in an amusement park in Seville
If you like funny adventures, adrenaline rush, carousels, extreme slides then go straight to the Magic Island theme park (Isla Magica).



Here you can ride on the water slides, flowing down from a 30-meter height at an angle of 70°, on a roller coasters at a speed of 40 km per hour, hanging with your head down, here pirates can pounce at you at any time (although the worst thing they can do is to make you drunk from bunch of rum), and the flamenco dancers will enthrall you in a passionate dance.

It seems he found a new victim in the crowd
Photo: It seems he found a new victim in the crowd, © Francisco Morais

This is a fairy world where cheerful cries do not stop for a minute, where you can have fun until late night and completely forget about everything in the world :)

How to do?

1. Go to the ​​Isla de la Cartuja district. It wont be difficult to find the magical island, huge slides and bright scenery of the park can be seen for several kilometers.
2. Choose the most terrible attraction (the choice here is quite large) and just have fun and get some unforgettable emotions.
3. Take part in some kind of pirate performances, fight bravely with bloodthirsty pirates and win prizes.
4. Try all the water kamikaze slides and all the roller coaster attractions.
5. Try the Tinto de Verano in one of the bars or cafes right on the site when you get thirsty.
6. In general, to try all the attractions, participate in all the performances and have time to see all the incendiary shows you will have to show unprecedented endurance, but believe me it's worth it.

Where to do?

#5Isla Magica amusement park in SevilleIsla Magica amusement park

The largest amusement park in Europe with its own life full of happiness and joy, with fountains, parks, fun attractions right in middle of the city.

Location: Isla de la Cartuja district.
Open hours: daily from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.
Phone: +34 902 16 17 16

When to do?

Season starts from March/April (Saturday before Semana Santa) to October.
Special events and activities are also held at Halloween and Christmas.

How much?

A full-day ticket costs €29 for adults and €15 for children, for half a day €21 and €11 respectively. For children under 5 years - free admission.


Guest21 July 2024

More things to do in Seville

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#3Taste hot and spicy gazpacho in SevilleTaste hot and spicy gazpachoMelissa Clark

Traditional and well-known cold cream soup gazpacho is the most delicious rescue from Spanish exhausting heat.

#4Taste the Seville marmalade in SevilleTaste the Seville marmaladeJoan Naples

Oranges in Seville are hard and bitter, not really tasty, but jam made of them is just magnificent and extra delicious.

#11Quarter Santa Cruz walk in SevilleQuarter Santa Cruz walkSuper Сrabe

Cozy squares, whitened houses with flower pots on it and patios. It is a place that makes your walks exciting and colorful.

Santa-Cruz quarter
#12Buy a Spanish hand fan in SevilleBuy a Spanish hand fanYum Bum

The Spanish fan is not just a cute bauble, it's a part of the culture that keeps secrets in every gesture and stroke.

10El Jueves flea market
#1Swim with the sea lions in SevilleSwim with the sea lionsAnna Grishina

Take the head off in the pool of La Reserva Park - get acquainted with the California sea lions and swim with them in the pool.

40La Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas
#7Take a Flamenco class in SevilleTake a Flamenco classAlex Like

The most distinctive and passionate symbol of Seville - flamenco - is not just a dance, it is a style of living in Spain.

#10Buy castanets for flamenco in SevilleBuy castanets for flamencoTouchstone

Do you hear this loud roar on the streets? Do not rush to run for the umbrella, it's not thunder, it's the sound of the castanets of street flamenco dancers.

#2See corrida in SevilleSee corridaРайля Сиразетдинова

Seville is a town where the oldest, but the most well-known arena for bullfighting is situated. This is the place where you can see the most exciting fights.

Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza
#5Ride a river tram in SevilleRide a river tramАлена Юрьевна

On a hot summer day there is nothing better than a relaxing river tram voyage along the Guadalquivir river.

#6Try the ensalada rusa in SevilleTry the ensalada rusaMargaret Cain

Taste the national Russian festive salad which is also a traditional dish in Spanish only in their own interpretation.

#13Visit the appartments of Charles V in SevilleVisit the appartments of Charles VBeautiful

Look at the royal chambers of Charles V colorfully executed in Moorish style, and the gazebo where the king had supper.

The Real Alcázar
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