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Visit Cloud forest on Mombacho volcanoin Granada, Nicaragua

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The volcano is known for its dense tropical forests wreathed with a misty haze.
How to visit Cloud forest on Mombacho volcano in Granada
Just 10 km from the colonial city of Granada the territory of the national reserve begins, which is located on the extinct Mombacho volcano.

Monkeys, Granada

Along the tracks, leading to the top of the volcano, many recreational areas are equipped, which are also viewing stations. As you go higher and higher, you will discover peaceful tropical forest, Lake Nicaragua, Granada and Isletas islands.

Tracks of various difficulty levels

The tracks, that lead to the top of Mombacho, start near the tourist center. There are only three of them:

1. El Crater. The easiest trail. The climb will take 1.5 hours. There are 4 observation platforms along the way. Narrow tunnels are cracks through which once hot lava flowed.

Frozen lava tunnel, Granada
Photo: Frozen lava tunnel

2. El Tigrillo is more complicated and longer by 1 kilometer. There are 8 viewing platforms here. A guide may be needed for walking down such trail, but you can really cover it out without his help.

3. El Puma. The most difficult trail is 4 kilometers through the dense forest. There is a small restaurant at the top. The travelers regain strength after a long walk here. The craters of the volcano are clearly visible from the observation platforms.

How to do?

1. To get to the volcano, take the bus going to Rivas or Nandeime. Tell the driver to stop at Mombacho. You can also summon a taxi.

2. Before entering the park you will pass another 1.5 km. You need to pay $ 3-5 admission fee depending on the age.

3. At the entrance, you should go to the garden of butterflies and endemic orchids. In the tourist center you can hire a guide who will get you through the chosen track. But, if you are confident in your abilities, overcome the path by yourself. Tracks are equiped with necessary facilities, so one can figure it out.

Orchid, Granada

4. The trails on the volcano, although well-trodden and have many stairs, are not as simple as they seem. They are very narrow, twisting and steep. You will see more than one hole in the soil - a fumarole. If you put your hand there, you will feel a warm steam. It means that the volcano may still wake up.

5. Closer to the top you will have to go through the mist, because of which the forest is called "cloudy". If visibility is good, you can observe how clouds of smoke rise from the Mombacho volcano.

Where to do?

#2Mombacho cloud forest in GranadaMombacho cloud forest

Forest on dead volcano is always folded in mist. Constant humidity cultivates all the variety of flora that the place is famous for.

When to do?

Every day from 7:00 to 16:00.

How much?

To reach the volcano costs 10 cordobas by bus and 7 - by taxi.

Entry to the park costs 59 cordobas for children and 118 cordobas - for adults.

Trails El Tigrillo and El Puma are chargeable - 118 and 177 cordobas respectively.

The cost of the guide's services also depends on the track you choose. El Crater - 354, El Tigrillo - 502, El Puma - 650 cordobas.

Tips and hints

The trees, stairs and soil are covered with moss in many places because of the high humidity. Watch where you are stepping on in order not to slip on wet soil or a snake.


Guest25 July 2024

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Mombacho cloud forest
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