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Mombacho cloud forestin Granada, Nicaragua

#2of 2 places to visitin Granada
Forest on dead volcano is always folded in mist. Constant humidity cultivates all the variety of flora that the place is famous for.
Mombacho cloud forest, Granada
Mombacho Volcano is located on the national park territory. Volcanic soil is very fruitful, that's why local flora is exceptionally rich. Red, orange, blue and violet endemic orchids grow here and this is the only place where you can find them.

Not only travellers hit the road to this place, but also plenty of animals like it. The most innocent ones are capuchin and howlers monkeys.

Howler monkey, Granada
Photo: Howler monkey, © Robert Payne

Just right here, among thick misty trees you can find about 160 types of birds, snakes and rare lizards - rare for the world, but not for Nicaragua.

Mombacho endemic salamander, Granada
Photo: Mombacho endemic salamander, © d_smets

In the forest you'll see a lot of fumarole holes from which smoke billowing. You can even put you hand close to the hole and feel the hot steam.

Despite the fact that the trees are immersed in the mist, you should really try hard to get lost here - there are paths full of turns and twists leading to the top. In some places you'll find wooden stairs. From the top of the mountain you can admire the beauty of the Pacific Ocean coast, lake and nearby volcanoes.

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#2Try Mombacho zipline in GranadaTry Mombacho ziplineCherry

Fly over the tops of the rainforest right on the dormant volcano. There are 17 platforms on it, from which you can go down a zipline.

#3Visit Cloud forest on Mombacho volcano in GranadaVisit Cloud forest on Mombacho volcanoДарья Слепакова

The volcano is known for its dense tropical forests wreathed with a misty haze.

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Guest13 April 2024

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