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Toyama Bayin Tokyo, Japan

#2of places to visitin Tokyo
The deep bay in northern Japan is surrounded by mountain range (the water depth is more than 1000 meters right near the shore). At the bottom of the bay - sunken relict forests.
Toyama Bay, Tokyo

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#2Watch firefly squids in TokyoWatch firefly squidsMickey Collins

In Toyama bay they hook squids shining blue. At night they are seen the best. Come here to witness the majestic picture in the water!

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Guest24 September 2017

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#1Chidorigafuchi Moat in TokyoChidorigafuchi Moat

Once a year (in a short period of flowering cherry) Chidorigafuchi Moat turns into a real paradise.

Photo credit © 歲月之歌 | Flickr