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Monterosso al Marein Genoa, Italy

#7of 7 places to visitin Genoa
The largest city of the Cinque Terre is located in the valley and is equipped with everything needed for a relaxing break - best beaches, beautiful sights and good service.
Monterosso al Mare, Genoa
Monterosso al Mare is different from the other towns of the Cinque Terre because of its size, it is the largest city in the park. From Monterosso travellers like to begin their journey on the Cinque Terre.

Here you can relax on the beach Fegina with the European service, see the huge statue of Neptune, which props up a platform for dance, stand on the border of the old and new cities - they are separated by a rock Cappuccini and Aurora Castle. You can reach the top of the castle just for the amazing views that open before your eyes from the observation deck.

Monterosso al Mare on the map

Location: Cinque Terre


Guest15 April 2024

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#1Manarola in GenoaManarola

The oldest city of the national park Cinque Terre near the Ligurian Sea, it is known for its colorful houses and incredibly beautiful harbor.

#3Way of Love in GenoaWay of Love

A walking trail between Manarola and Riomaggiore is located in the national park Cinque Terre and hangs over the precipice.

#4Vernazza in GenoaVernazza

It is considered the most beautiful town of the Cinque Terre, with clean beaches, viewing platforms for a better view of the park and the beautiful buildings of the Roman Empire.

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The smallest town of the Cinque Terre, the town, in contrast to its counterparts, is located not on the coast, but at the top of the cape, and is known for its wine.

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Medieval town on a rock near the Ligurian coast, which is part of the Cinque Terre National Park and is popular among tourists for its beach and ancient buildings.

#6Cinque Terre in GenoaCinque Terre

A beautiful national park, which many people have seen on the photos. It is stretched for ten kilometers and is composed of five villages, one is more beautiful than another.