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ATV tour in Dubrovnik 

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To ride on the ATV only a few kilometers from Dubrovnik is an opportunity to see the city from the high rocky hills of the Aegean coast, admire the picturesque nature of the suburbs of Dubrovnik, get a charge of emotions and adrenaline.

ATV tour, Dubrovnik

The green hills of the sea coast with lush olive groves and green vineyards are replaced by a rocky plain, where stones are scattered everywhere as if in scenes from American westerns. Here the real adventure begins!

ATV tour, Dubrovnik

Here you can relax and have a picnic in the shade of lush olive groves and vineyards, and enjoy an amazing panoramic view of Dubrovnik.

ATV tour, Dubrovnik

A ride on the ATV will became an unforgettable adventure far from the city bustle, where you’ll be on your own with the sea and the rocks.

ATV tour, Dubrovnik
Photo: Route map

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Languages: English Russian Croatian
Duration: 4 hours
Included: ATV rent, helmets, transfer, guide-instructor, water, lunch (for daily tours).
Tour schedule: Daily from 9 am to 9 pm
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Guest06 December 2023

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Sea kayaking in Dubrovnik will reveal amazing views of the City Walls, Lokrum Island, and the hidden caves, enjoy snorkeling and learn the history of the city.

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