Visit the Colosseum in Rome

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Visit the Colosseum

Place: Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Every Rome tour begins with the Colosseum. Ancient amphitheater, which many people saw only on the covers of history books, now you can visit.

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Tips and hints: if you don't want to queue in the amphitheater, buy a combined ticket for €12 at the box office in the Roman Forum (the price includes Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the Palatine). There's always a few people.

Prices: every half an hour a tour starts, the price is €4.5.

Location: Piazza del Colosseo

Open hours: from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

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Colosseum#1 of 29 places to visit in Rome

Colosseum is a grand amphitheater in the center of Rome, and every traveler dreams to visit it.



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Sit on the Spanish Steps in Rome
Cherry Sit on the Spanish Steps#21 of 38 things to do in Rome

In the evening, when the lights turn Rome into a kind of fairy tale, rise to the top of the Spanish steps and see how looks like Eternal City at night.

How much: free#free#strolling#views#romanticSpanish Steps
Admire Rome from the Aventine Hill in Rome
Kateryna Plakhotna Admire Rome from the Aventine Hill#5 of 38 things to do in Rome

There is a terrace where you can enjoy a splendid view of the city - Rome will appear in front of you if it were on the palm of your hand.

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Drink water from fontanelle in Rome
oddviser Drink water from fontanelle#14 of 38 things to do in Rome

Try clean water that flows through the aqueducts built by slaves many centuries ago.

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Feed the seagulls near the Tiber in Rome
Eugene Krasowski Feed the seagulls near the Tiber#17 of 38 things to do in Rome

Roman seagulls are legendary birds, they are proudspirited, impudent and totally not afraid of anything - especially to take food from the hands.

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Try pizza in Rome
oddviser Try pizza#33 of 38 things to do in Rome

You should definitely try pizza in Italy - because it is completely different from the one that is prepared at your homeland.

How much: from 8 euros#cuisineRome
Swim in the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Margaret Cain Swim in the Trevi Fountain#8 of 38 things to do in Rome

If anyone wants to do something unusual and forbidden, they can swim in the famous fountain in Rome - Trevi Fountain!

How much: from 500 euros#unusual#active#authentic#extremeTrevi Fountain
Try tiramisu in Rome
Eugene Krasowski Try tiramisu#24 of 38 things to do in Rome

Try an authentic Italian dessert in its homeland, where it is prepared according to a special recipe from coffee, savoiardi cookies and mascarpone.

How much: from 5 euros#cuisine#souvenirsRome
Take an Oculus selfie in Rome
Eugene Krasowski Take an Oculus selfie#9 of 38 things to do in Rome

At noon, through the hole in the dome of the Pantheon appears a giant ray of sunshine, and it seems so tangible, as if you can touch it.

How much: free#authentic#free#mystic#selfiePantheon
See the illusion of St. Peter's dome in Rome
Eugene Krasowski See the illusion of St. Peter's dome#4 of 38 things to do in Rome

When you visit Nicole Piccolomini street you can see the unusual optical illusion with the St. Peter's Cathedral!

How much: free#unusual#free#strolling#phenomenonsNicolo Piccolomini street
Walk through the orange orchards in Rome
Kateryna Plakhotna Walk through the orange orchards#6 of 38 things to do in Rome

Get lost among the green orange trees, breathe in their seductive aroma and have a little picnic at favorite place of every Roman.

How much: free#free#strolling#views#romanticThe Orange Garden
Try antipasto in Rome
oddviser Try antipasto#27 of 38 things to do in Rome

Come to any restaurant in Rome and you are offered dozens of antipasto - you need only to choose!

How much: from 8 euros#cuisineRome
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