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One-day tour (Chernobyl + Pripyat) from Kiev 

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Group Tour for UkrainiansUAH 1053+/person

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Highlights | Important info

• You'll see post apocalyptic landscape of ghost city Pripyat, abandoned buildings and wild animals wandering around the streets.
• You'll visit high-security facilities—the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station and the Shelter, and even Chernobyl-2 secret soviet object (Brain Scorcher).
• You'll find out the truth, myths and legends of 1986 Chernobyl Disaster.
• You'll see live the most extreme and one-of-a-kind place (according to Forbes) and feel how significant it is for the world history.
• You'll get hundreds of fantastic pics for Instagram.
• You'll get absolutely convinced that the Exclusion Zone excursion is a kind of computer game (as if you are in a another, virtual dimension).
• The whole adventure is absolutely legal and safe.
This tour program can be changed due to the length of daylight hours, weather conditions, and directions of the CEZ administration.

• Don't forget to take your passport with you.
• Entrance to the Exclusion Zone is allowed only in long-sleeved clothing.
Only for adults over 18 years old.

Excursion plan

Meeting, passport control and entrance to the Exclusion Zone.

You'll walk around Chernobyl and feed giant catfish swimming in cooling water pond.

You'll see the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the very Reactor No.4 and the arch-shaped shelter over it.

Lunch in a genuine Soviet canteen (100% clean products).

You'll visit huge secret station (the Russian Woodpecker, or brain scorcher).

You'll walk around the ghost town, abandoned buildings and take lots of pics!

Radiological control and return to Kiev.

Have questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time!

Meeting point on the map

Kiev, Shuliavska Street, 5
Languages: English Russian
Duration: 11.5 hours (from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm).
Included: transfer, insurance, a full package of documents allowing visits to the exclusion zone, permission for photo/video shooting and guide services.
Not included: lunch (optional) 150 hryvnias ($5-6).
Tour schedule: daily from 7 am to 7:30 am Kiev time. Don't be late! Bus departs at 7:30 sharp.
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Reviews 12

Guest08 December 2023
Guest29 August 2018Очень интересный и познавательный тур, я объездил много стран, но такое удовольствие давно не получал, впечатление не однозначное, согласен с предыдущими комментариями. Спасибо гиду Светлане
Guest10 August 2018This is a shady Ukrainian company. They scam foreigners. Money goes to the currupted officials. Read real reviews about them on the trip advisor or elsewhere.
Gyula Ábrahám23 April 2018Thank you for the amazing tour!
The bus was very comfortable, the lunch was very tasty and the tour leader was very qualified. The excursion went incredible.
Guest22 December 2017Struggling to receive confirmation for pre-paid tour.
Аnn04 October 2017Everything was great. The excursion went incredible. Qualified guide, amazing landscapes and tragic history of the place is worth to see and learn.
Марина04 October 2017Спасибо за экскурсию. Мы бронировали всего за день до отъезда, но вы нам очень помогли и всё организовали в кратчайшие сроки. Очень понравилось, хороший гид, комфортные автобусы и познавательная экскурсия.
Philip04 October 2017Thanks for everything! Incredible experience that can not be compared with any other activities  
Sanny04 October 2017Отличная экскурсия. Я много путешествовал по миру, однако таких постапокалиптических, одновременно устрашающих и удивительных нигде не видел.
Guest11 July 2017It was nice. Thank you guys!
Катерина Клес11 July 2017Отлично съездили, быстро добрались. Без приключений и неожиданностей. Выслушали всю историю, походили по всем местам
описаным в туре и вернулись назад )
Olivier10 July 2017We managed to visit in October 16, before the installation of the sarcophagus. The trip was at the highest level. Once again I was convinced that wherever you go, choose the right guides. Only they will make the trip unforgettable.
Erika Miller10 July 2017Bin there! The place is really scary. I kind of fright out all the time. I could not believe that in this godforsaken place once lived and worked people. More like a place to shoot a film about the apocalypse. Thanks to the guide, if he did not calm me down at every step and did not tell incredibly interesting facts, I probably would not have passed even the checkpoint))

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