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Things to do 6

#5Dance on the roof of the Roof Bar in MadridDance on the roof of the Roof BarMaría Alejandra

You can have a great time in the company of locals at the terrace of The Roof bar, where you will find the coolest parties of the city.

€15The Roof Bar
#2Take a walk through La Rambla in BarcelonaTake a walk through La RamblaMaría Alejandra

You must visit the most important street of Barcelona - the calling card of this city, where you can see a real Spain.

FREELa Rambla
#9Buy maple syrup in TorontoBuy maple syrupMaría Alejandra

Do not leave Canada until you buy a syrup made of the sap of sugar, red or black maple - a symbol of Canada.

CAD 23
#1Take a train to clouds (Tren a las nubes) in SaltaTake a train to clouds (Tren a las nubes)María Alejandra

Take a train that will take you to heave. Literary. To the height more than 4000 meters.

ARS 1400
#7Take a picture at I Amsterdam in AmsterdamTake a picture at I AmsterdamMaría Alejandra

Climb one of the letters of the huge catch phase - the slogan of the city. This is the most popular photo spot.

FREEI amsterdam sign
#13Climb to the top of the Columbus Monument in BarcelonaClimb to the top of the Columbus MonumentMaría Alejandra

Climb to the small observation deck with views of the port and the roofs of buildings in Barcelona.

€6Columbus Monument
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