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What to do in Managua —
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4 things to do in Managua

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#1See liquid lava lake of the Masaya Volcano in ManaguaSee liquid lava lake of the Masaya VolcanoMelissa Clark

One of the five volcano craters has been active since its appearance in 1852.

Masaya Volcano National Park
#2Visit museum "Ancient footprints of Acahualinca" in ManaguaVisit museum "Ancient footprints of Acahualinca"Леся Кречетова

Take a look at the footprints of people and animals which had been escaping from the lava and ash.

#3Release baby turtles into the ocean on Little Corn Island in ManaguaRelease baby turtles into the ocean on Little Corn IslandЧфырк

You can watch the little turtles running toward the ocean waves for the first time.

Little Corn Island
#4Buy a hammock at Masaya market in ManaguaBuy a hammock at Masaya marketMickey Collins

Near the Masaya Volcano National Park you will find the best hammocks in the world - tightly woven and colorful.

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