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Little Corn Islandin Managua, Nicaragua

#2of 2 places to visitin Managua
This is "Caribbean" Nicaragua that implies regular set - white-sand beaches, clear turquoise water and coral reefs.
Little Corn Island, Managua
Little Corn is one of two islands 70 kilometers from mainland of Nicaragua. 15 kilometers from it there is a little bigger island - Big Corn. Till XIX century the islands were under the control of Great Britain, so non other than British colonists came up with the names.

Two-hundred-year period of colonialism can be noticed even in the language the locals speak - English and Spanish.

Bungalow, Managua
Photo: Bungalow, © globetrottergirls

800 people currently settle 2,4-kilometer territory. The island is also visited by travellers. A lot of them stay in bungalows, and it's the right decision bearing in mind rich flora and fauna around. Little Corn is well greened - palms grow even on the beaches. This is a perfect place to take a rest far from the hustle and bustle of the city - calm crystal clear water and a lot of coral reefs citizens - ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving.

Hawksbill turtle, Managua
Photo: Hawksbill turtle, © Scubat TR

On the island you'll also find voluntary centre that works to repopulate Hawksbill sea turtle, or Eretmochelys imbricata - large sea turtle that is on the verge of total disappearance.

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#3Release baby turtles into the ocean on Little Corn Island in ManaguaRelease baby turtles into the ocean on Little Corn IslandЧфырк

You can watch the little turtles running toward the ocean waves for the first time.

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Little Corn Island on the map

Location: 70 km from Bluefields


Guest19 May 2024

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