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Feed pink pelicansin Guadalajara, Mexico

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Go to Lake Chapala — here you can relax and feed great pink pelicans. These birds took a fancy to the lakeside area and nest here every year.
How to feed pink pelicans in Guadalajara
Not only local residents and travelers but also pink pelicans like to spend time at Lake Chapala. These birds took a fancy to the lakeside area and nest here every year.

For you it's a great opportunity to relax on the beach, and to feed pelicans at the same time. If you treat the clumsy bird to young corn or small fish, it can even let you pet it.

For the vacationers the neighboring pelicans are just another adventure, while the local residents are seriously concerned by the arrival of the birds. The level of water in the lake comes down every year, the consequence being the formation of whole islands of algae. This situation is a threat to the quality of fresh water.

Besides, the fishermen have to share their catch with the birds. However, the great white pelicans have already become a peculiar lake attraction and apparently aren't going to relocate.

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#3Lake Chapala in GuadalajaraLake Chapala

The largest freshwater lake of the country provides a great opportunity to have a rest as well as to see lots of amazing birds.

Tips and hints

Lake Chapala is 45 kilometers away from Guadalajara. You can get there by bus — the trip won't take you more than an hour.


Guest25 July 2024

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