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Guadalajara things to do & places to visit

Guadalajara, the city of tequila, sombreros and charreadas, is called the Pearl of the West for a good reason. It's hard to find a wider variety of entertainments than those that are available here. You can find adventures to any taste.

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Guadalajara is the home of mariachi street musicians, the Mexican Hat Dance and, of course, the world-famous tequila. Full of old charm, Guadalajara is the second largest city of Mexico, surrendering the top place only to the capital of the country.

It is precisely the place to start getting acquainted with Mexico, as the city is beautiful, welcoming and full of opportunities for setting off to most incredible adventures.

The well-developed infrastructure of the metropolitan area has brought to life some of its original names: «The City of Roses», «The City of Fountains», «The City of Parks». Guadalajara can boast of beautiful squares, museums and theatres, historic quarters with colonial architectural masterpieces.

The city is a place of folk arts and strong ancient and Catholic traditions, while local restaurants will please you with excellent dishes of the national cuisine.

Things to do in Guadalajara 3

Have a dinner in the restaurant made of bones in Guadalajara
oddviserHave a dinner in the restaurant made of bones#1 of 3 things to do in Guadalajara

In Hueso Restaurant you can have a delicious dinner as well as improve your knowledge of zoology.

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Find out how they produce tequila in Guadalajara
oddviserFind out how they produce tequila#2 of 3 things to do in Guadalajara

Find out how they produce the national Mexican alcohol beverage in the town of the same name — Tequila.

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Feed pink pelicans in Guadalajara
oddviserFeed pink pelicans#3 of 3 things to do in Guadalajara

Go to Lake Chapala — here you can relax and feed great pink pelicans. These birds took a fancy to the lakeside area and nest here every year.

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Places to visit in Guadalajara 3

Hueso Restaurant in Guadalajara
Hueso Restaurant#1 of 3 places to visit in Guadalajara

The concept of this restaurant goes beyond the usual framework, but this is exactly why it attracts numerous visitors.

Tequila in Guadalajara
Tequila#2 of 3 places to visit in Guadalajara

The town is a national symbol of the country, where they produce the beverage of the same name. Tequila and its plantations included into UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lake Chapala in Guadalajara
Lake Chapala#3 of 3 places to visit in Guadalajara

The largest freshwater lake of the country provides a great opportunity to have a rest as well as to see lots of amazing birds.


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