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Become a witness of the Kukulkan phenomenonin Cancun, Mexico

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Join the travelers who are eager to see extraordinary visual effects of the Pyramid of Kukulkan.
How to become a witness of the Kukulkan phenomenon in Cancun
The Pyramid of Kukulkan, or El Castillo, in Chichen Itza is famous all over the world not only for its origin but also for the unique visual effects, seen at certain places and moments.

The height of the structure is 25 meters. On the top of it there is a special area with a temple. Climbing the pyramid is strictly prohibited these days.

The rumor has it that they did it because one of the visitors had had an accident there. Another version says that there is a large sinkhole lake under the pyramid, so it can disappear from the surface of the Earth at any time.

The pyramid is built on the basis of the calendar principle, and the structure itself is most likely to have had some astronomical significance for the Maya. But even this thing is not the most amazing about the pyramid.

An even more amazing phenomenon takes place in this magic place twice a year, during the spring and autumn vernal equinox.

At a certain time of the day, light and shadow start playing on the balustrades of the structure, creating a shape of a Snake, descending from the top of the pyramid. This illusion is fascinating to numerous people.

It lasts exactly for three hours and twenty-two minutes.

The numerous pilgrims feel enlightened at this sight, but we can only guess what this phenomenon meant for the Maya.

Where to do?

#2Chichen Itza in CancunChichen Itza

The ancient city where the Mayan peoples lived and its famous pyramids belong to the new world wonders — these are the most visited sights of Yucatan.

Location: Yucatan Peninsula
Open hours: every day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

How much?

entrance fee to the archeological area is 204 pesos, while hiring a tour guide will cost you 750 pesos.

Tips and hints

to get to the Chichen Itza sights, you can rent a car or use a shuttle service bus. You will definitely need a supply of water, a hat and sunscreen.


Guest25 July 2024

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