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Feed coatisin Cancun, Mexico

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The curious noses try to smell food, the tails are up in the air — it’s funny coatis are running out to meet you. Be sure feed them with fruits!
How to feed coatis in Cancun
The coati, also known as the white-nosed coati, lives on the territory of Central America, and in Mexico in particular.

The coati's nose is very mobile. Sometimes, it is even called a trunk, and the animal owes its name to it. The animal's body is a bit over a half of a meter long, and its weight is 3—5 kilograms.

This furry animal's habits bear distant resemblance to those of a cat. The coatis live in bands of 7—15 individuals and more. They approach people easily. They are domesticated in the twinkling of an eye, and then start begging everyone on their way for some treat, just like monkeys in Asia.

You can meet coati right in the hotel area, where the hotel guests often feed the animals. Your hotel is sure to accommodate such wonderful «neighbors», too.

In the wild, the coatis feed on small animals, birds' eggs, and sometimes also nuts, roots and fruit.

The animal takes all kinds of treat from people's hands: fruit, vegetables, meat pieces and bread.

Tips and hints

if you want to feed coatis, take a supply of food with you and walk around the hotel territory or in the next park or square. These cute animals will run up to you virtually in no time.


Guest17 June 2024

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