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Greet the dawn at the volcano's topin Bali, Indonesia

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When the sun is rising the fog is thickening at the bottom of the volcano hill; and at its top you can see Mount Agung.
How to greet the dawn at the volcano's top in Bali
Gunung Batur is the second active volcano in Bali. It is 1717 meters high and its caldera is 10 kilometers in diameter.

Circuit walk on the edge of the crater, Bali

How to do?

1. You can reach the top of the volcano with a guide for Rp 500 000 or on your own. If you're more likely to choose the latter, don't follow touristic route. Local guides get angry when they miss the chance to earn money - they can not let you go and even threaten with violence. Start climbing not later than 4am to reach the top before the sunrise. The starting point of the itinerary is at Pura Tampurhyang temple in Kintamani village. To avoid crowds of tourists and not to draw attention of intrusive guides you can park your car at the old hut (in 1 kilometer along the road leading the temple). Then go on foot - 3-kilometer way takes about 1,5 hour.

The nut on the way to Pura Tampurhyang Temple, Bali
Photo: The hut on the way to Pura Tampurhyang Temple

2. On the top you'll see a stall with snacks and Balinese coffee. If you come closer to the crater here you can make breakfast - boil eggs and bananas on a hot steam.

Here are often many monkeys on the top. They depend on your breakfast, Bali
Photo: Here are often many monkeys on the top. They depend on your breakfast

4. After greeting the sun take a walk along the edge of the crater.

Walking path along the edge of the crater, Bali
Photo: Walking path along the edge of the crater

Where to do?

#3Mount BaturMount Batur

One of two active volcanoes that reaches 1717 meters high. The volcanic mountain has two craters and the biggest lake on the island that was formed from eruption. The last heavy eruption occurred in 2000.

How much?

Hiring a guide will cost you Rp 500 000. He agrees to accompany up to 4 people.

Tips and hints

Take warm clothes with you - it's pretty cold early in the morning.
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Guest18 May 2024

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