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Go to the Franz Kafka museumin Prague, Czech Republic

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The museum is dedicated to the personal life and creative work of the Austrian existentialist Franz Kafka.
How to go to the Franz Kafka museum in Prague
During his lifetime, the works of Franz Kafka practically weren't published and he hardly thought that one day a whole museum would be dedicated to him.

Now his work has finally received recognition. In the Franz Kafka museum, you will learn about the personal life of the writer, his complex "relationship" with the city and the ideas of his key works.

Franz Kafka museum, Prague

How to do?

1. The museum is located at Cinelnaya Street, 635 / 2a, next to the Voyanovy Gardens. The nearest metro station is Malostranska. Also trams 2, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22, 23, 41 go here.

2. At the entrance you will see double letter "K", opened as a book. Inside you will step into the world of one of the gloomiest writers of the XX century.

Franz Kafka museum, Prague

In the first hall - Existential space - you will see early manuscripts and author's drawings, photographs, and learn how Prague of that time influenced the writer's creative career. The rustle of pages, the croaking of crows and the depressing music will settle your mind.

Franz Kafka museum, Prague

The second hall - Imaginary topography - is dedicated to the key ideas of Kafka's works. Installations, audio and video materials create an image of an impersonal hostile city and a defenseless little man.

Franz Kafka museum, Prague

3. They imitate the famous statues of pissing boys. Send any phrase that comes to your mind to the phone number written on the wall of the museum. And... statues will pee them. Against the backdrop of the atmosphere reigning in the Kafka museum, this kind of entertainment seems especially strange, but at the same time it seems to complement the author's world of irrationality.

Where to do?

#11Franz Kafka museumFranz Kafka museum

The museum, dedicated to the creative career and the life path of an outstanding Austrian writer, works in the historical district of the city, from 10:00 to 18:00.

When to do?

The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

How much?

Adult ticket costs 200 Kč, reduced ticket - 120 Kč, family ticket - 540 Kč.

Tips and hints

The museum houses a shop where you can buy the author's books.


Guest24 May 2024

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