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34 things to do in Prague

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#1Take a walk across the Charles Bridge in PragueTake a walk across the Charles BridgeMickey Collins

By the Gothic towers and sculptures on the bridge you can read the whole history of Prague.

FREECharles Bridge
#2Try trdlo in PragueTry trdlooddviser

Large spit cake of sweet dough is cooked on an open fire and covered with a mixture of cinnamon, sugar and nuts.

#3Climb the Petrin Observation Tower in PragueClimb the Petrin Observation TowerЛеся Кречетова

55-meter Petrin Observation Tower offers splendid city view - take 299 steps or take a lift.

Kč120Petrin Observation Tower
#6Try beer soup in PragueTry beer soupoddviser

Look for name pivní polévka on the menu - Czech soup prepared by adding beer is served in all the restaurants around Prague.

#7See the remains of Czech kings in PragueSee the remains of Czech kingsDarina

There are the remains of Czech kings and other famous figures in the gothic Saint Vitus Cathedral.

Saint Vitus Cathedral
#4Try czech wafles "oplatky" in PragueTry czech wafles "oplatky"Harper Fuller

You can buy and try a Czech delicacy – oplatky - in any supermarket in Prague. They are two thin wafers, glued together with different fillings.

#5Go on a river motor ship along the Vltava in PragueGo on a river motor ship along the VltavaКристина Нестеренко

You can buy tickets and go boating on the Dvorzakova quay near the Chekhov Bridge.

Kč150Vltava River
#10Watch mechanized Prague chime performance in PragueWatch mechanized Prague chime performanceLIFEisGOOD

Daily from 8.00 till 20.00 on Old Town Square the bells chime showing mechanized performance.

FREEOld Town Hall
#8Ascend the bell tower of Saint Vitus cathedral in PragueAscend the bell tower of Saint Vitus cathedralSuper Сrabe

The biggest bell in the Czech Republic was installed in the tower of the cathedral. It offers a spectacular city view.

Kč150Saint Vitus Cathedral
#9Dine in the restaurant Oblaca in PragueDine in the restaurant OblacaGarry Positive

In 360° panoramic restaurant Oblaca, you can dine for 500 Kč per person at an altitude of 66 meters with a stunning view of the center of the Czech capital.

Kč500Zizkov Television Tower
#12See changing the Guard at Prague Castle in PragueSee changing the Guard at Prague CastleAnri Genyari

It runs every hour near the outer gate. At 12:00, the ceremony is complemented with the march; it lasts longer.

FREEPrague Castle dungeons
#13See human bone chandelier in PragueSee human bone chandelierLIFEisGOOD

Human bone and skull candelabrum is hanging inside the cemetery burial vault in Sedlec.

Sedlec Ossuary
#11Try Vepřové koleno in PragueTry Vepřové kolenoHarper Fuller

Ham hock is marinaded overnight in garlic, mustard and spices; then it's roasted under a high heat. Traditionally the dish is washed down with beer.

#17Walk along the narrowest street in PragueWalk along the narrowest streetMargaret Cain

To walk along "one person's street" (70 cm width), you'll have to stand in line at a pedestrian traffic lights :)

FREEVinarna Certovka Street
#14Try Svijany beer in PragueTry Svijany beerHarper Fuller

450-year history Czech beer is listed to the best ones in the world. Prague supermarkets, restaurants and pubs offer to try the well-liked drink.

#15Descend into the Old City Hall underground in PragueDescend into the Old City Hall undergroundAnna Tet

City hall underground keeps buildings of XIII century and one subterranean street.

Kč250Old Town Hall
#16Make a wish on the Charles Bridge in PragueMake a wish on the Charles Bridgeklia balo

On the Charles Bridge, three of 30 statues fulfill desires - they typically shine because many people touched it - you will see.

Charles Bridge
#18Try Drstkova soup in PragueTry Drstkova soupJoe Guardino

Drstkova is soup made from spiced tripe; it is a national honor of Czechs. All Prague restaurants serve the dish, quite often as a cream soup.

#19Go up to the Old Town Hall tower in PragueGo up to the Old Town Hall towerAnna Tet

The best pictures of tiled roofs of Prague are taken from the Old Town tower.

Kč250Old Town Hall
#20Walk along the Petrin Hill dungeons in PragueWalk along the Petrin Hill dungeonsR.R.Mix

The hill is pierced by the net of tunnels for mining. Since 2007, on weekends, the guided tours are conducted here.

Petrin Observation Tower
#21Climb the Charles bridge towers in PragueClimb the Charles bridge towersJoe Guardino

The Lesser Town and the Old Town Bridge Towers overlook the bridge 516 meters long and the entrancing panorama of Prague.

Kč100Charles Bridge
#22Try bramboracka in PragueTry bramborackaКристина Нестеренко

Czech potato soup with smoked meat or mushrooms is baked in a bread "pot", so you will have to eat not only soup, but also the plate.

#23Try hermelin in PragueTry hermelinЛеся Кречетова

Soft fat cheese is covered with white mold. They eat it raw, pickled, fried and baked.

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