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What to see in Prague —
15 places to visit

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15 places to visit in Prague


#1Charles Bridge in PragueCharles Bridge

The medieval pedestrian bridge that crosses the Vltava river, is considered to be one of the most beautiful and iconic places in Prague.

#2Old Town HallOld Town Hall

At the Old Town Hall, you can look at the Prague chimes, climb up the observation deck on the roof and visit the underground city.

#3Petrin Observation TowerPetrin Observation Tower

It rises on the hill of the same name on the left bank of the Vltava River. This is a small copy of the Eiffel Tower. Access to 2 viewing platforms costs 120 Kč.

#4Saint Vitus CathedralSaint Vitus Cathedral

This masterpiece of gothic art was built in the course of six centuries. It's a part of the Prague Castle complex. Now there is a residence of the archbishop.

#5Zizkov Television TowerZizkov Television Tower

This is the highest observation deck, the tallest building in the Czech Republic and the second ugliest building in the world. It's decorated with sculptures of babies.

#6Vinarna Certovka StreetVinarna Certovka Street

Vinarna Chertovka Street is located between two buildings not far from the Charles Bridge. It is only 70 centimeters wide.

#7Vltava RiverVltava River

From the bridges over the Vltava you can see the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Town Hall, the other main sights of Prague. On the river there are excursion ships.

#8Prague Castle dungeonsPrague Castle dungeons

The largest fortress in the Czech Republic was built in the IX century. The famous Saint Vitus Cathedral is located in the most ancient part of the city.

#9Sedlec OssuarySedlec Ossuary

The biggest ossuary of Prague. The crypt of the cathedral is decorated with 40,000 human bones.

#10HILT black light theatreHILT black light theatre

Performances are staged here with a help of an unusual combination of shadows and fluorescent suits. Illusions and symbols are the language of the actors of this theater.

#11Franz Kafka museumFranz Kafka museum

The museum, dedicated to the creative career and the life path of an outstanding Austrian writer, works in the historical district of the city, from 10:00 to 18:00.

#12Lennon WallLennon Wall

The wall painted with portraits of John Lennon and phrases from the Beatles songs, symbolizes love and peace. Everyone can leave a graffiti here.

#13Restaurant U SvejkuRestaurant U Svejku

There are delicious beer and large portions of traditional Czech dishes surrounded by wooden furniture and images of the brave soldier Svejk.

#14Kampa IslandKampa Island

The island is separated from the mainland by a narrow artificial channel. Here are the wall of John Lennon, the narrowest street in Prague and a gallery of contemporary art.

#15Old Time SquareOld Time Square

The central square of Prague, where the town hall with an astronomical clock is located and christmas market are held.

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