Walk through the orange orchards in Rome

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in Rome

Walk through the orange orchards

Place: The Orange Garden in Rome, Italy

Orange garden on the Aventine Hill is a very romantic place, near the monastery, the university and several churches. Come into this garden, hide yourself from the hot sun under the foliage of orange trees, have a little picnic here and look at distant and alluring Rome.

Tips and hints: oranges are wild and you can't eat them.

Location: Aventine Hill

Open hours: till 6:00–7:00 pm

The Orange Garden on the map

The Orange Garden
The Orange Garden#7 of 29 places to visit in Rome

City residents and travelers love this garden for the comfort and coolness, for the incredible atmosphere prevailing there, and for the opportunity to see a unique panorama of Rome.



Guest27 March 2017

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When you visit Nicole Piccolomini street you can see the unusual optical illusion with the St. Peter's Cathedral!

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Drink water from fontanelle in Rome
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Jump into Tiber river on the 1st of January in Rome
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Try Cold Dog cake in Rome
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Enjoy tender meat tasted the queen of Italian festivals - porchetta.

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Try antipasto in Rome
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Be like a hero of the film «Roman Holiday», ride on the iconic scooter toward adventures in Rome!

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