Drink a coffee at one of the best terraces in Rome in Rome

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Drink a coffee at one of the best terraces in Rome

Place: Caffè Capitolino in Rome, Italy

On the splendid terrace of the Palazzo Caffarelli is the museum café, where you can take a delicious warm sandwiches, coffee or cappuccino and enjoy the views of the city's rooftops, see how domes of cathedrals cut through the clouds and birds soaring over the Eternal City.

Prices: about €10 for one person.

Location: Piazzale Caffarelli, 4

Open hours: from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm

Caffè Capitolino on the map

Caffè Capitolino
Caffè Capitolino#12 of 29 places to visit in Rome

Near the Victor Emmanuel II monument on Capitol Hill you will find Caffè Capitolino, where travelers come in search of the best views of the city.



Guest23 March 2017

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Touch the Mouth of Truth in Rome
oddviser Touch the Mouth of Truth#10 of 38 things to do in Rome

Let ancient god decide your fate - put your hand in the mouth of the stone deity and check yourself in the medieval "lie detector"!

How much: free#free#dangerous#mystic#selfieThe Basilica of Saint Mary in Cosmedin
Sit on the Spanish Steps in Rome
Cherry Sit on the Spanish Steps#21 of 38 things to do in Rome

In the evening, when the lights turn Rome into a kind of fairy tale, rise to the top of the Spanish steps and see how looks like Eternal City at night.

How much: free#free#strolling#views#romanticSpanish Steps
Go down to the Mithraeum in Rome
Super Сrabe Go down to the Mithraeum#38 of 38 things to do in Rome

Go down to Temple of Mithras into the basement of the ancient basilica and knelt before the deity consent and sunlight :)

How much: from 10 euros#authentic#strolling#mysticBasilica of Saint Clement
Take an Oculus selfie in Rome
Eugene Krasowski Take an Oculus selfie#9 of 38 things to do in Rome

At noon, through the hole in the dome of the Pantheon appears a giant ray of sunshine, and it seems so tangible, as if you can touch it.

How much: free#authentic#free#mystic#selfiePantheon
Try antipasto in Rome
oddviser Try antipasto#27 of 38 things to do in Rome

Come to any restaurant in Rome and you are offered dozens of antipasto - you need only to choose!

How much: from 8 euros#cuisineRome
Drink water from fontanelle in Rome
oddviser Drink water from fontanelle#14 of 38 things to do in Rome

Try clean water that flows through the aqueducts built by slaves many centuries ago.

How much: free#authentic#free#strollingRome
Admire Rome from the Aventine Hill in Rome
Kateryna Plakhotna Admire Rome from the Aventine Hill#5 of 38 things to do in Rome

There is a terrace where you can enjoy a splendid view of the city - Rome will appear in front of you if it were on the palm of your hand.

How much: free#free#strolling#views#selfie#romanticAventine Hill
Try Frascati in Rome
R.R.Mix Try Frascati#36 of 38 things to do in Rome

This wine is produced in the countryside around Rome, it is considered the best Italian wine and you should definitely try it.

How much: from 10 euros#authentic#cuisine#souvenirs#adultRome
Try Castagnaccio in Rome
Kateryna Plakhotna Try Castagnaccio#22 of 38 things to do in Rome

Try a delicious cake made of unusual chestnut flour and olive oil.

How much: price unknown#cuisineRome
Walk through the orange orchards in Rome
Kateryna Plakhotna Walk through the orange orchards#6 of 38 things to do in Rome

Get lost among the green orange trees, breathe in their seductive aroma and have a little picnic at favorite place of every Roman.

How much: free#free#strolling#views#romanticThe Orange Garden
Explore Villa Borghese in the quadricycle in Rome
oddviser Explore Villa Borghese in the quadricycle#26 of 38 things to do in Rome

Get a charge of vivacity with a ride on the Villa Borghese in the quadricycle.

How much: from 12 euros#active#strollingVilla Borghese
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