Top-8 free things to do in Dubrovnik


It has been proven by many travelers, that in order to travel efficiently, you don't have to spend a big budget. And moreover you shouldn't look for private tours to find something authentic and interesting. There is plenty of unusual leisure in every city.

Read the best insight of free adventures in Dubrovnik. Let's go!

1. Climb to the top of the Mount Srdj

You should definitely climb the mountain and see the stunning views of the Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik, and numerous islands to the horizon.
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2. Visit the Festivity of Saint Blaise

Every year on February 3 in the City of Dubrovnik you can take part in the ancient religious ceremony occasional to Saint Blaise's day.
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3. Walk along Stradun

Take a walk along the main and best known Dubrovnik street - Stradun. 300 meters of this historical route pass through the entire Old Town.
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4. Drink wanter from the Large Onofrio's Fountain

Even today, you can take advantage of the achievements of medieval engineers!
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5. Visit open-air amphitheater

Where else can you see a theater performance in the open-air amphitheater of the 14th century with a great view of the sea and the Old Town?
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6. Climb to Fort Royal and see the stunning views of Dubrovnik

Find the strength to climb here and you will see one of the best panoramas in the world!
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7. Swim naked on Lokrum Island

There is a secluded beautiful beach with huge rocks and incredibly beautiful bay on Lokrum Island where you can sunbathe and swim naked.
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8. Feed peacocks near the Dead Sea pond

You can feed peacocks on Lokrum Island - they are very friendly and are not shy at all.
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