Visit open-air amphitheater in Dubrovnik

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Visit open-air amphitheater

Place: Park Orsula in Dubrovnik, Croatia

In 2011, a group of Croatian enthusiasts decided that the city lacks cultural entertainment and restored the 14th's century ruins of St. Ursula chapel. Thus they created the amphitheater with 350 seats in one of the most picturesque places in the city - picturesque Park Orsula which is located on a rock 200 meters above sea level in 25 minutes walk from the Old Town.

It offers a gorgeous panorama of the sea, nearby islands and the Old Town itself, which is beautifully illuminated at night with lights. Organizers plan the program from the beginning of June till the end of September. During this period, almost every day, you can enjoy theatrical performances and concerts of popular local bands in this unique amphitheater. All performances usually start at 9 pm. You can always find a detailed schedule on the official site of the amphitheater.

It is easy to get here, but if you do not know about this place, you can just pass by - the amphitheater is not visible from the road. If you go by car - drive along the main highway leading to the airport. If you want to walk just go to the Old Town and ask locals where you can find Belvedere hotel. Once you reach it, just follow the signs. This walk will take about 25 minutes.

Prices: entrance is free.

Official website: http://www.parkorsula.du-hr.net

Park Orsula on the map

Park Orsula
Park Orsula#9 of 22 places to visit in Dubrovnik

The park located on a rock 200 meters above sea level offers stunning views of the Old Town and nearby islands as well as unique cultural performances.



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