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Fly through the jungle on a cableon Koh Samui, Thailand

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Do you like extreme activities and beautiful views from the heights? You should go for a cable ride through the jungle.
How to fly through the jungle on a cable on Koh Samui
Adrenaline-junkies will love this extreme adventure. The main feature of this attraction is that you are attached to the rope stretched between the trees – so when you are moving through the jungle you feel like in a free flight! The fixture is similar to that of skydiving, it clings to the rope by a carabiner. You can choose the speed for yourself, adjusting it with your hand equipped in a tough glove. To slow down you only need to hold on to the rope.

This attraction has several levels: the cable stretches for 850 meters, and its segments are separated by special platforms where you land after each ride between the trees.
The ropes are stretched in various inclines. Sometimes you have to slow down so that not to run into the platform at a high speed. In other places where the ropes are stretched in a small incline, you can get stuck. But don't worry – at all times there will be an experienced instructor next to you; he will take you to the next platform in case of need. Children from 8 to 12 years are permitted to ride in conjunction with an instructor, everyone older than 12 – on their own.

The nicest thing in this entertainment is the wonderful view of the tropical trees, just like the birds can see them, and you can even slow down to admire it.
The total duration of the entire route is about 2 hours.

Where to do?

#2Treetop Tour Zipline on Koh SamuiTreetop Tour Zipline

The longest cable ride in Samui (length 850 meters) runs through the jungle. It is composed of 11 segments.

Open hours: daily from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
Phone: +66 81 968 4806
Official website: http://treetoptour.biz

How much?

it costs 1200 baht without transfer and 1500 baht with transfer from hotel / condo.


Guest21 July 2024

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