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What to do in Ljubljana —
14 things to do

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14 things to do in Ljubljana

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#2Walk along the Vintgar gorge in LjubljanaWalk along the Vintgar gorgeLIFEisGOOD

Take a walk down the narrow suspended path along the canyon over the mountain river.

€5Vintgar gorge
#1Take a boat cruise to the island in LjubljanaTake a boat cruise to the islandAnri Genyari

Take Slovenian pletna cruise boat to set out on journey to Bled island.

€26Bled island
#3Climb up to Bled Castle in LjubljanaClimb up to Bled Castleoddviser

The observation deck of the castle offers great view of the Julian Alps and Lake Bled.

€10Bled Castle
#4Ride in a toboggan in LjubljanaRide in a tobogganAnna Tet

You can adjust the speed by yourself and ride as much time as you want.

€8Bled island
#6Come up to the castle in a funicular in LjubljanaCome up to the castle in a funicularJoe Guardino

Funicular goes from Krekov Square every 10 minutes. In winter time from 10am till 8pm, in summer time - till 11pm.

€4Ljubljana Castle
#5Celebrate St. Martin's Day in LjubljanaCelebrate St. Martin's DayHarper Fuller

On November, 4 and 11 (from 10am till 5pm) smells of new wine and roasted duck with stewed cabbage are in the air. Come here and get a treat!

#7See 22 meters long dinosaur's skeleton in LjubljanaSee 22 meters long dinosaur's skeletonAnna Grishina

It stands in the last hall of Postojna Cave; excursion tram runs here every hour from 9am till 6pm.

€26Postojna Cave
#8See dragon baby in LjubljanaSee dragon babyklia balo

Odd fish "proteus", also known as dragon baby, lives in the aquarium of the cave. Every hour from 9am till 6pm tram goes to this place.

€26Postojna Cave
#9Try orange-coloured wine in LjubljanaTry orange-coloured wineKevin

Nut flavoured spicy wine is made only in three countries in the world, Slovenia is among them.

#10Try cevapcici in LjubljanaTry cevapcicioddviser

Slovenian fried sausages made of minced beef and pork with onion and spices.

#11Climb Triglav Mountain in LjubljanaClimb Triglav Mountainoddviser

Start you climbing from Lake Bohinj - you'll see splendid view and seven lakes of Triglav. On the way you'll find huts to stay overnight.

#12See 45,000,000-year-old flute in LjubljanaSee 45,000,000-year-old fluteJoe Guardino

This is the oldest flute in the world made of bear bone by Neanderthalers. You can see it any day from 9am till 6pm.

€6National Museum of Slovenia
#13Take a boat ride down the Ljubljanica in LjubljanaTake a boat ride down the Ljubljanicaklia balo

Boats depart from Breg embankment every hour from 11am till 5pm. You can book a seat or the whole boat.

€8The Ljubljanica
#14Take a tram ride inside the cave in LjubljanaTake a tram ride inside the caveJoe Guardino

One-hour ride along the tunnels of the solutional cave - the tram runs every hour from 9am till 6pm.

€26Postojna Cave
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