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What to do in Krakow —
17 things to do

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17 things to do in Krakow

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#1Descend to Rynek underground in KrakowDescend to Rynek undergroundJoe Guardino

Krakow's underground hides old town. Discover it by taking a walk down its streets.

zł19Main Square
#3Descend into Wieliczka salt mine in KrakowDescend into Wieliczka salt mineAnna Tet

In the mine you'll find a salty chandelier and listen to live music concerts in the underground catholic church.

zł84Wieliczka salt mine
#7See former concentration camp in KrakowSee former concentration campAnna Tet

Personal belongings of killed prisoners are still here, children's drawings on the walls of barracks can still be seen.

#11Make a wish at the Sigismund bell in KrakowMake a wish at the Sigismund bellklia balo

Go up to the Sigismund bell tower any day from 9 am till 5 pm. To make a wish touch the bell.

zł12The Wawel Cathedral
#2Walk down the Royal road in KrakowWalk down the Royal roadAnna Tet

The main sights of Krakow are all located here, on the Royal road!

FREEThe Old Town
#8Hear St. Mary's Trumpet Call in KrakowHear St. Mary's Trumpet CallMaybe Me

Every hour trumpet call is heard from St. Mary's basilica tower. It used to be a warning signal, but now if you see the trumpet-player, be ready to get a great piece of luck.

FREESt. Mary's Basilica
#4Stroll along the Walk of Fame in KrakowStroll along the Walk of FameJoe Guardino

The Walk of Fame stretches along the Vistula. Celine Dion, Benedict Cumberbatch and Polish writers got first stars here.

FREECzerwieński Boulevard
#5Take a picture with Eros' head in KrakowTake a picture with Eros' headR.R.Mix

Eros Bound sculpture symbolize vehement love that blows people's mind.

FREEMain Square
#6Feed swans on the bank of the Vistula in KrakowFeed swans on the bank of the VistulaHarper Fuller

Swans and ducks don't fly away from Krakow even in winter. Come to the Vistula river to feed them.

FREEThe Vistula river
#17Try zapiekanka in KrakowTry zapiekankaTouchstone

Toasted open-faced baguette topped with mushrooms, onion and cheese. Zapiekanka vendors are all around Krakow.

#9Try zubrowka in KrakowTry zubrowkaNika

Polish vodka infused with sweet grass is available in all bars and supermarkets around Krakow. Different colours of the infused drink make different flavours.

#10Go up to the Sigismund tower in KrakowGo up to the Sigismund towerLIFEisGOOD

From this point you can see the whole city. You can go up here every day from 9 am till 5 pm, on Sunday - from 12:30.

zł12The Wawel Cathedral
#12Descend to Polish kings burial vault in KrakowDescend to Polish kings burial vaultHarper Fuller

In St. Leonard's Crypt under the Wawel Cathedral kings and historic figures of Poland are buried.

zł11The Wawel Cathedral
#13See the Wawel Dragon breathing fire in KrakowSee the Wawel Dragon breathing fireklia balo

The Dragon statue breathes fire every 5 minutes or on order - send message with "smok" at number 7168.

FREECzerwieński Boulevard
#14Ride in a motor ship down the Vistula in KrakowRide in a motor ship down the VistulaLIFEisGOOD

Cruisers run from May till September (every hour starting from 9 am till the last customer - even at night).

zł20The Vistula river
#15Try zurek in KrakowTry zurekAjax

Polish soup zurek (or white borshch) is prepared of fermented rye flour with smoke products, egg and other ingredients on chef preference.

#16Go up to the Town Hall tower's top in KrakowGo up to the Town Hall tower's topMickey Collins

You can look at the centre of Krakow from the observation deck any day you wish from 10:30 am till 6:30 pm.

zł9Town Hall tower
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