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11 places to visit

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11 places to visit in Krakow


#1Main SquareMain Square

The Main Square is the centre of the city; Christmas market, festivals and concerts take place here.

#2Wieliczka salt mineWieliczka salt mine

700-year-old mine where salt is extracted consists of nine levels. It is almost 327 meters deep, and more than 200 kilometers long.

#3The Wawel CathedralThe Wawel Cathedral

Cathedral church on the Wawel Hill is a minor basilica; also it is the vault of heads of Polish state.


Concentration camp in Poland was built up by German Nazis during World War II.

#4Czerwieński BoulevardCzerwieński Boulevard

You can walk down the boulevard stretching along the Vistula. Here you'll find the Wawel dragon and the Walk of Fame of outstanding Polish people and guests of Krakow.

#5The Old TownThe Old Town

The central part of the city was built up 1000 years ago. The Wawel Castle, Market Square, Church of St. Adalbert and St. Mary's Basilica are placed here.

#8St. Mary's BasilicaSt. Mary's Basilica

Catholic basilica where you can listen to an organ recital and see stained-glass windows of 1370.

#6The Vistula riverThe Vistula river

The river that is 1047 kilometers long flows through whole Poland from south to north. In Krakow there is Czerwienski Boulevard beside the river, and cruisers run down the Vistula.

#9Town Hall towerTown Hall tower

Town Hall Tower is placed on the main square of the old town. At the observation deck on the top you can admire splendid view of the city.

#10The Wawel CastleThe Wawel Castle

On the top of the Wawel Hill there is a castle of XIV century that combines architectural styles of different periods.

#11St. Florian's GateSt. Florian's Gate

34,5-meter high gate that served as the main entrance to the town. It is the only surviving gate from the whole defensive wall Krakow was surrounded with.

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