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Watch red light district window displaysin Amsterdam, Netherlands

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In the evening streets of the district become red, curtains open and "love" is on offer.
How to watch red light district window displays in Amsterdam
Amsterdam government has always been loyal to prostitution as a profession. They made it legal trying to get over the violence.

Love for sale became generally accessible, but only in particular place - in the central quarter Da Wallen. Every girl here has her working place - not a very big curtained glass booth with subdued red lighting inside, girls pay 150-euro rent for the place.

Streets with erotic windows are lit by red lamps - hence the appropriate name.

Red Light District, Amsterdam

How to do?

1. Red light district in located in the very center of Amsterdam and begins just right behind De Oude Kerk church building - sinfulness and goodness neighboring doesn't seem strange. Moreover it's one of the safest districts in the city. Police keeps discreet, but a weather eye on order here.

Bike police in the Red Light Quarter, Amsterdam

2. Some red windows displays can be seen just right near the channel. But most of them are concentrated on the parallel narrow lanes between main streets Oudezijds Voorburgwal and Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

The property in the Red Light District is top-priced in Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Photo: The property in the Red Light District is top-priced in Amsterdam, © PROMitch Altman

Where to do?

#1Red light districtRed light district

With the advent of dusk, the quarter in the center of Amsterdam is filled with tourists, the smell of marijuana and "priestesses of love".

Location: Da Wallen District

When to do?

Every day with the advent of twilight.

Tips and hints

• Watch your personal belongings - the districts is always overcrowded - good chance for thieves to perform their job.


Guest24 June 2024

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7.50Red light district
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