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Spend a night in a houseboatin Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Relax after a busy day in one of the floating hotels moored at the coast of Amstel.
How to spend a night in a houseboat in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is the city of canals, so people here travel around it not only on foot, but also by boat. Houseboats or floating hotels are also very popular here. Some of them are reequipped barges.

There is everything necessary for the traveller's rest inside - a bedroom (sometimes several), a bathroom, a kitchen, all the necessary equipment. And most importantly - the Internet;)

Houseboat, Amsterdam

If you are tired of entertainments and city tours, contact one of these hotels. You will get a room that overlooks the Amstel River and amusing Amsterdam houses.

How to do?

1. First make up your mind about what you are looking for. It can be a true hotel or a houseboat where the locals live. They earn extra money by renting a room to travellers. Even some of the natives of Amsterdam prefer a houseboat to an ordinary apartment.

2. You can rent one on rental websites. The most expensive dwelling on the water is rent on central canals. Houseboats in some distance from the center or even in the suburbs are much cheaper.
Houseboat, Amsterdam
Houseboat, Amsterdam

How much?

The average cost of renting a houseboat per one night is $130. But you can find economical options, for example, for $70.

Also, you will have to pay extra for cleaning and leave some money in pledge - for the safety of the property. It is determined by the owner of the houseboat.

Tips and hints

Houseboats are very popular, so you will hardly succeed in booking one "for tomorrow". Make a booking at least a couple of weeks in advance.


Guest18 May 2024

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