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Ride a bike around the cityin Amsterdam, Netherlands

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On the streets of Amsterdam bicycle riders are the main characters. Cars and pedestrians always give way to bikers, but they don't!
How to ride a bike around the city in Amsterdam
Amsterdammers moved to bicycle seats to save on expensive parking space and high taxes for fuel.

Rent a bike, Amsterdam

You can ride a bike throughout the whole city - all the traffic ways are equipped with bicycle tracks.

Bike paths are equipped with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, Amsterdam
Photo: Bike paths are equipped with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, © Dylan Passmore

Bike paths in Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Bicycle traffic jam is a common thing in Amsterdam - half the population of the city takes a bicycle to get to work, business meetings, parties and go shopping despite the weather and neglecting the status.

Bike in Amsterdam, Amsterdam

A line before traffic light, Amsterdam
Photo: A line near traffic light, © Franklin Heijnen

How to do?

1. Each bike rental companies has about 10 rental points around the city - you can take a bike, for example, near the bus station, and return it back somewhere at Dam Square. Look up addresses here.

2. To rent a bike you need a passport and valid credit card, or 50€ as caution money per one bicycle. Discuss the details while renting a bike: how to take back a rent bike, insurance points, what traffic rules must be strictly abided and what ways to take going around the city.

3. Keep in mind the fact that Amsterdammers ride bicycles whole their life. Hurrying on business, they ride at a high speed and skillfully run red lights. Don't try to act like locals - enjoy slow ride as a guest of the city.

When to do?

Rental points work daily. From Monday till Friday 8.00 - 20.00.
Saturday, Sunday - from 9.00 till 19.00

How much?

3-hour bike rent is from 6€, 8,50€ - for period of 24 hours (the price depends on assembling parts. Highjacking and damage insuarance is paid extra: 3€ per 3 hours, 4.50€ per 24 hours.

Tips and hints

• Fasten your bike firmly when you leave it somewhere outside - number of thefts per year equals number of bikes all around Amsterdam.
• Don't buy a bike secondhand in streets - probably it is stolen.
• Abide traffic rules - bicycle riders can be fined as well.
• Turn on the light and put on a high-visibility vest in the evening.


Guest19 May 2024

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