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Go along the circuit around Koritain Podgorica, Montenegro

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Best observation platforms in Montenegro occur along the circuit around Korita.
How to go along the circuit around Korita in Podgorica
The circuit around Korita starts in Podgorica and goes past Medun fortress, Ubli and Orahovo villages, Kučka Korita valley, observation decks over Grlo Sokolovo gorge and Stjepovo. Final stop is at the Bitka na Fundini monument in Rašovići.

How to do?

1. The road is 65 kilometers long. Make all the day for the trip to enjoy fully the panoramic views. Start the way from the intersection at Keto Hotel on Skopska Street and go north east along TT4 road. The first stop on the itinerary - Medun fortress - is in 12 kilometers.

2. Having past the fortress go through villages Ubli and Orahovo and Kučka Korita valley - the place at the bottom of the mountains covered with woodland. You can make a stop and have a picnic here. Hiking route starts from Korita and goes to Grlo Sokolova gorge. The distance to the highest point over the gorge (1370 meters) is about 4 kilometers, the observation deck with the view of Prokletije Albanian mountains is placed at the height of 1000 meters.

Prokletije Mountain view from the height of 1000 meters, Podgorica
Photo: Prokletije Mountains view from the height of 1000 meters

3. In 10 kilometers south west from Korita - in Stjepohi village - another observation deck is placed. This stop offers magnificent view of the Cijevna river canyon. Go back to Podgorica through Rudine town.

Where to do?

#1Circuit around KoritaCircuit around Korita

The road goes through Montenegro and Albania, Prokletije mountain range, Cyevna canyon and Grlo Sokolovо gorge. The way starts in Podgorica at Keto Hotel.

When to do?

It's better to come here during warm season - from May till October.

How much?

Car rent with insurance costs from €40 per 24 hours.

Tips and hints

Put on comfortable footwear and take food for the whole day.


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