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5 things to do in Podgorica

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#1Go along the circuit around Korita in PodgoricaGo along the circuit around KoritaAnna Tet

Best observation platforms in Montenegro occur along the circuit around Korita.

Circuit around Korita
#3Cross the canyon along a suspended bridge in PodgoricaCross the canyon along a suspended bridgeoddviser

Along the canyon down highway E80 there are a few suspended bridges - one of them is located 36 kilometers northward from Podgorica.

FREEMoraca river canyon
#2See frescoes of the cathedral in PodgoricaSee frescoes of the cathedraloddviser

The cathedral inside is decorated with the Bible-subject frescoes and the Saints images. It is opened round-the-clock.

FREECathedral of the Resurrection of Christ
#4Try meat ispod sača in PodgoricaTry meat ispod sačaoddviser

Meat is roasted with vegetables in a cast-iron pot covered with a thick lid called "sač". The dish is prepared for an hour to make meat tender and juicy. Try it in any restaurant.

#5Try riblja čorba in PodgoricaTry riblja čorbaoddviser

It is soup made of pike perch and seafood or meat and fragrant spices. Flour is added to make it thick and different from traditional fish soup. Try it in any cafe or restaurant.

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