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Things to do 7

#7Try cliff jumping on Buza beach in DubrovnikTry cliff jumping on Buza beachGarry Positive

On the rocky Buza beach you can enjoy an entertainment for brave hearts - jumping from the high cliffs into the Adriatic Sea.

FREEBuža Beach
#11See the Mona Lisa in ParisSee the Mona LisaGarry Positive

The greatest creation of Leonardo da Vinci, a masterpiece of world art known all over the world. The crater on Venus is named after her.

€15The Louvre
#4Celebrate Fiesta de Gràcia in BarcelonaCelebrate Fiesta de GràciaGarry Positive

Find out what the residents of the Gracia district are ready for in order to win at the street competition. This happens only once a year.

Gracia Quarter
#9Dine in the restaurant Oblaca in PragueDine in the restaurant OblacaGarry Positive

In 360° panoramic restaurant Oblaca, you can dine for 500 Kč per person at an altitude of 66 meters with a stunning view of the center of the Czech capital.

Kč500Zizkov Television Tower
#3See the flowering of tulips in Keukenhof Park in AmsterdamSee the flowering of tulips in Keukenhof ParkGarry Positive

The blossoming of tulips lasts from the end of March to the middle of May. The park is opened during this period.

€16Park Keukenhof
#9Visit the Moroccan hammam in MarrakeshVisit the Moroccan hammamGarry Positive

Moroccan hammam it is not a spa as many tourists used to think - it is a pretty harsh public bath for local people.

MAD 10
#2Go through the Shonbrunn palace's maze in ViennaGo through the Shonbrunn palace's mazeGarry Positive

Corners of the maze hide 12 signs of the zodiac. Find them, and the exit as well.

Schonbrunn Palace
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