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Things to do 4

#1Climb the Pyramid in TiranaClimb the PyramidАнна Головко

Climb the wall of the abandoned construction and reach its top to see the city panorama.

The Pyramid
#1See funeral ceremony on the bank of the Ganges in VaranasiSee funeral ceremony on the bank of the GangesАнна Головко

Every day funeral pyres are lit, everyone can come and watch this pretty unpleasant sight.

#1Climb Ala Archa glacier in BishkekClimb Ala Archa glacierАнна Головко

Reach 3500-meter top - in summer people go skiing here and get a tan on snow.

#1Try fresh-caught octopus in WandoTry fresh-caught octopusАнна Головко

Try traditional Korean dish San-nakji - pieces of fresh-caught octopus flavoured with gingili oil.

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