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Take part in Bravade festivalin Saint-Tropez, France

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The historical reconstruction festival in honor of significant events is held each summer in Saint-Tropez.
How to take part in Bravade festival in Saint-Tropez
The festival is divided into two parts: the First Bravade in May and the Second - in June.

The first one is spending in honor of great martyr Saint Torpes, who was beheaded by order of the emperor Nero. The head of christian saint is still kept at Pisa.

Also theatrical performances and costumed procession are held during the festival, and a volley of ancient muskets ends the procession.

© Frédérique Voisin-Demery

The Second Bravade is held in honor of navy heroes who defended the city in 1637: only 4 ships of Saint-Tropez navy against 15 Spanish ones.
Each year citizens dress the sailors uniform and the festival with perfomances, procession and, of course, muskets volley, is celebrating.

How to do?

1. Choose the festival and come to Saint-Tropez.
2. Put on the uniform and celebrate the festival with citizens.

When to do?

The First Bravade is held from May, 16 to May, 18, and the Second one - on June, 15.


Guest20 May 2024

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#7See the unique butterflies in Saint-TropezSee the unique butterfliesAlexander Fedai

Take a look at monsieur Lartigue's collection which holds 35 000 exhibit items of rare and endangered species of butterflies from around the world.

2The Butterfly House
#6See the Porsche parade in Saint-TropezSee the Porsche paradeAlex Like

Saint-Tropez is not only a resort on the Cote d'Azur, it is an eternal holiday with regattas, festivals and a luxurious Porsche parade.

#8Sunbathe topless on the beach in Saint-TropezSunbathe topless on the beachНаталья Григорьева

If you do not want to see marks from the swimsuit-come on your tanned body then come to sunbathe on the remote beach de Salin.

FREEPlage des Salin
#2Dance at a beach party in Saint-TropezDance at a beach partyoddviser

If you want to dance with Bruce Willis or have a cocktail with Peris Hilton go to Nikki Beach, where you will be surrounded by celebrities.

FREENikki Beach
#3Taste tapenade in Saint-TropezTaste tapenade

If you are looking for gastronomic adventures in Saint-Tropez, be sure to try a local snack made of olives and capers - tapenade.

#4Try tropezienne tart in Saint-TropezTry tropezienne tartoddviser

Visiting the small cozy town of Saint-Tropez, you can not just dabble in and do not enjoy the tasty tart tropezienne - Brigitte Bordeaux's favorite dessert.

#1Participate in the regatta in Saint-TropezParticipate in the regattaoddviser

Annually in summer the Cote d'Azur in Saint-Tropez gathers the residents and guests of the city to see the grandiose regatta "Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez".

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Photo credit © Nicolas Vasse