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Things to do 10

#6Admire the singing fountain in DubaiAdmire the singing fountainR.R.Mix

Look how the fountain jets draw fancy colored patterns, flying up to a height of 150 meters. It`s an absolute stunner.

FREEThe Dubai Fountain
#2Hunt for sea urchins on SardiniaHunt for sea urchinsR.R.Mix

Arrange a real hunt for sea urchins, and after it have a little picnic on the coast with wine, bread and caviar urchins.

#28Climb to the Castle of the Holy Angel in RomeClimb to the Castle of the Holy AngelR.R.Mix

Visit the upper terrace of the Castle Sant'Angelo and see how beautiful Eternal City.

€10Castle of the Holy Angel
#25Attend Festa del Redentore in VeniceAttend Festa del RedentoreR.R.Mix

Attend the brightest festival, when all of Venice at night will be illuminated by hundreds of lights from the fireworks.

#2Walk around the boiling mud springs San Jacinto in LeonWalk around the boiling mud springs San JacintoR.R.Mix

Dirt in the San Jacinto springs boils like a brew in a witch's cauldron - steam always swirls here.

#35Try Frascati in RomeTry FrascatiR.R.Mix

This wine is produced in the countryside around Rome, it is considered the best Italian wine and you should definitely try it.

#23Try Bloody Mary in ParisTry Bloody MaryR.R.Mix

You can try the real Bloody Mary only in Paris, because her classic recipe appeared here almost 100 years ago.

€15Harry's New York Bar
#20Walk along the Petrin Hill dungeons in PragueWalk along the Petrin Hill dungeonsR.R.Mix

The hill is pierced by the net of tunnels for mining. Since 2007, on weekends, the guided tours are conducted here.

Petrin Observation Tower
#16Buy maple candies in TorontoBuy maple candiesR.R.Mix

Try candy made out of real maple syrup. Sometimes they even add bits of bacon in it.

#5Take a picture with Eros' head in KrakowTake a picture with Eros' headR.R.Mix

Eros Bound sculpture symbolize vehement love that blows people's mind.

FREEMain Square
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