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Walk around the boiling mud springs San Jacintoin Leon, Nicaragua

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Dirt in the San Jacinto springs boils like a brew in a witch's cauldron - steam always swirls here.
How to walk around the boiling mud springs San Jacinto in Leon
Near the village of San Jacinto, 20 kilometers from Leon, there is a geothermal formation - the field of multicolored boiling mud. Steam flows over the springs, and sometimes even stones are ejected. Steam rises through cracks in the earth from the magma itself, mixes with sulfur dioxide, underground water and soil, reaching high temperatures. Because of that, the mud literally boils.

Mud fumaroles were formed because of a small Telica volcano. If not for them, it would have clouded the life of the villagers with periodic eruptions.

Crater of Telica volcano, Leon
Photo: Crater of Telica volcano, © Lale Gil

Red and black mud is used by the locals to treat skin diseases, and children sculpt figures of them and try to sell them to travelers.

Boiling mud springs, Leon
Photo: Boiling mud springs, © Dmitry Gudkov

How to do?

1. The buses often go from Leon to San Jacinto. Or, if you do not want to stand in the crowd in the heat, rent a car and keep heading north. After 12 km turn right (you will see a sign with the direction Malpaisillo.) After 10 minutes of driving you will see the sign of the village. All the way will take about half an hour.

2. Seek out boiling springs near the Talika volcano or immediately ask the locals, in which direction to go.

3. They are in the park. You have to pay $2 or 50 cordobas to get inside.

4. You will see a field full of pits from which steam rises. There are no marked tourist paths and fences, so walk between the springs very carefully in order not to fall inside. Turn to the locals, they will take you on a safe path for a little fee.

Resident of San Jаsinto, Leon
Photo: Resident of San Jаsinto, © Xiskya Lucía

When to do?

The park is open daily from 7:00 to 17:00.

How much?

The entry fee is 50 cordobas.

Tips and hints

If you are in Nicaragua in the wet season, that is from May to October, you definitely should come here. Increased humidity intensifies geothermal processes and even more steam goes from the ground.


Guest22 July 2024

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