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Things to do 6

#21Go sandboarding in Abu DhabiGo sandboardingAnri Genyari

Got bad experience in skiing? Take sandboarding! Warm and soft sand dunes is much more pleasant than cold and wet snow.

AED 1000Liwa oasis
#12See changing the Guard at Prague Castle in PragueSee changing the Guard at Prague CastleAnri Genyari

It runs every hour near the outer gate. At 12:00, the ceremony is complemented with the march; it lasts longer.

FREEPrague Castle dungeons
#1Take a ride on a rail bus in SucreTake a ride on a rail busAnri Genyari

The route of the railbus runs along the foot of the Andes and through the narrow gorges, that no other transport in Bolivia could do.

BOB 25
#1Watch the walruses in North SlopeWatch the walrusesAnri Genyari

In Alaska, you can see how several thousand walruses simultaneously go ashore and settled the rookery near the Point Lay village.

Point Lay town
#10Get to the freight containers' top in ZurichGet to the freight containers' topAnri Genyari

On the top of 26-meter tower you can see splendid panorama of urban Zurich. Here you'll find staircase leading to the top.

FREEFreitag tower
#1Take a boat cruise to the island in LjubljanaTake a boat cruise to the islandAnri Genyari

Take Slovenian pletna cruise boat to set out on journey to Bled island.

€26Bled island
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