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Watch the walrusesin North Slope, United States

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In Alaska, you can see how several thousand walruses simultaneously go ashore and settled the rookery near the Point Lay village.
How to watch the walruses in North Slope
Alaska authorities turn to tourists with a request not to come to the north-west coast - it is temporarily occupied by walruses.

Thousands of walruses were forced to move ashore in Pacific Ocean to survive. Glaciers in the Chukchi Sea melted, where the animals breeded, searched for food and spent most of their time.

Waruses migartion to the shore, North Slope
Photo: Point Lay, Waruses migration ashore

Walruses are accustomed to follow the leader, it is also very important for them to be in a stock and to feel tactilely its tribe mate's back. Therefore, the decision to go ashore was unanimous. The first output was recorded in 2007. Every year, the number of walruses on the coastlines of Alaska rises, and in 2011 reached 300,000 species.

Walruses on the shore, North Slope
Photo: Walruses on the shore, © Margarita Puhova

How to do?

1. There are flights to Point Lay (a settlement nearby the walruses rookery) from the Barrow International Airport. Departure daily at 12:30 pm, return flight to Barrow - at 4 pm. The journey takes 1 hour.

North Slope, The Point Lay airpot serves about 10 flights monthly., North Slope
Photo: North Slope, The Point Lay airpot serves about 10 flights monthly

2. The plane lands near the walrus rookery - just follow to the coast. Do not come close to animals - they are very timid, and in the bustle can crush their cubs.

Where to do?

#1Point Lay townPoint Lay town

A village in the north of Alaska with a population of about 200 people. There is an airport that acommodates flights from Barrow.

Location: North Slope, Alaska

How much?

Direct flight Barrow-Point Lay-Barrow - $600.

Tips and hints

There are no hotels in the Point Lay - plan in advace to return at the same day.


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Photo credit © Alaska Region U.S.| Flickr