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Place name: Appian Way

The Appian Way is road is one of the most important public roads of Rome, planted in ancient times. The Appian Way connected Rome to Brindisi, in southeast Italy. Now it is a hiking trail that many exploring by bicycle.

Along the Appian Way are located the catacombs, churches, basilicas, tombs, villas. You can stop at the Park of the Caffarella and see the beautiful countryside with meadows, sheep and an old farm, where you can buy delicious homemade cheese - ricotta.

There are many ruins of buildings were once magnificent example of the architectural marvel. Now, every stone of the ruins bears traces of history.

Region: Rome, Italy

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Cycling the Appian Way in Rome
Eugene Krasowski Cycling the Appian Way#12 of 38 things to do in Rome

Rent a bicycle and go on a road with which the Roman legions began their conquest.

How much: from 15 euros#active#authentic#strolling#natureAppian Way
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Rome Catacombs & Crypt
Rome Catacombs & Crypt

Visit the world’s largest underground burial channels which are a testament to the world’s largest ancient Christian community.

Price from 73 euros#tours


Guest30 March 2017

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